Collision Rulebook Cover

The inherent magical power of Gea intensifies battles of all kinds. Art by Alexandra Douglass.

Set in the chaotic, intensely magical, and largely unexplored world of Gea, Collision is a tactical role-playing miniature war game that allows its players total control over their gameplay experience. Similarly to other miniature war games, players are able to enact battles using painted miniatures, dice, game boards, and scenery. Part of what separates Collision from other miniature war games, however, is the fact that it allows players to use any fantasy or steampunk miniatures that they would like, granting them total control over their experience with the game.

Because of this, players are free to use any miniatures they may already own to play Collision. For players who already have a large collection of miniatures, there’s no need to buy a new and complete army of models in order to play Collision. For players who are new to miniature war games or who may not have an extensive, pre-existing collection, they are free to choose from any of the miniatures currently available in the war game and role-playing game market.

To use a miniature you already own in a Collision game, you can either choose a pre-written character card that suits the miniature or use a character creation manual (debuting in October 2011) to create your own character stats. You have total creative control over your armies!

Collision can be played in either pickup or campaign style. Pickup games tend to be more casual, shorter in duration, and more self-contained. However, Collision’s game mechanics are best utilized in a campaign-oriented style of play. In campaign style games, players battle for control over territory and resources present on Gea. Characters can also progress and gain experience throughout their adventure. Campaigns can be adapted for infinite types of gameplay; they can range from the simple to the complex, can be short or long in duration, and can be adapted for almost any number of players.

To start playing Collision, all you need are some miniatures, some 10 sided dice (D10s), your character stat cards, a battle grid, and these rules.

Here is a link to all of the current rules documents for Collision!