New World Gaming CompanyNew World Gaming Company is an independent game design company based in Bloomington, Indiana. Founded by Ian Douglass, New World Gaming Company is dedicated to creating and distributing games that can be enjoyed by all members of gaming community, no matter their experience level.

We specialize in miniature roleplaying and war games that are free to download and print, and we encourage people to use their existing collections or buy new miniatures from any company or range they choose. Our goal is to encourage gamers to expand their horizons and check out new games and companies they might not have ever known about. We write games for the small companies, the local gaming clubs, the hard-core campaigners, and the casual flavor-focused players. At our core, we produce the hobby lover’s games.

No army becomes obsolete due to new rules or flavor of the week armies because we support player-generated armies and content. No $200 start up cost. No $60 rulebooks or $30 army supplements. No special incentive to shell out the cash for the newest, strongest minis. No more assembly-line painting new armies for hours (unless you want to, of course). No more overbearing system rivalry or loyalty: you can play our games with minis from any other game. No more stuck-up luxury tournaments. No more arms races. No more brand-specific model restrictions.

The internet has changed things, and it is truly a new world: a world for gamers, a world for hobbyists, a world for painters, a world for sculptors, a world for role players, a world for writers. Above all, it is FREE.