Collision Rulebook Cover

The Rulebook Cover in Full Color

Download the first edition of the collision rulebook as a free PDF here!

This is the 8.5×11 size of the rule book that will be sent out as a kickstarter reward, and eventually sold in my online shop when it is up. I encourage anyone interested in playing to print off a copy and some character cards and give it a try!

You are more than welcome to print out the rules for your own personal use, but do not copy, reproduce, resell or redistribute this document or any information contained within for profit or for any commercial purposes. If you would like to share the experience of Collision with others, we request that you redirect them to this site so they can download the rules directly. The document must retain all of its currently included authorship information and it must fully credit New World Gaming Company.

Looking to create some characters? Download the phase 3 version of the character creation rules here!