As planned, Collision will make another appearance at Gen Con 2012 in a series of 14 events. There will be 10 intro level events for players who are unfamiliar with collision or even table-top games in general, and 4 campaign events intended for players who have a basic understanding of the rules of collision.

In the intro level events, players will go over the basic rules with the Game Masters, the Game Master will walk them through their first game step-by-step, and players are free to play additional games until the duration of the event is over with the Game Masters available to answer any questions. Prizes are awarded to players at random at the end of the first battle, and there will be a little something for everyone. This will be a rare opportunity to get a copy of the Prototype Edition of the collision core rulebook hand-numbered and signed by the designer, editor, and lead artist, as some will be given out as prizes for the intro events. After playing in an intro battles event, I recommend singing up for the campaign battles to play with larger armies and with more players for a rich narrative gaming experience.

In the Campaign Battle events, players will play in a series of 3 narrative games taking place after the short story Virgil’s Fall in the rulebook. The Campaign follows Virgil as he leads forces southeast from the battlegrounds to try to re-claim Halai, his bodyguard. Guelivere’s forces attempt to keep him at bay, and a battle turns into a drawn-out conflict. Each of the 4 campaign events represent a portion of the campaign as a whole, and the outcome of each campaign event will affect the main¬†story-line¬†of collision as a whole! There will be breaks to use the restroom or get food in-between rounds, and prizes are awarded at random at the end of the event. Some copies of the Prototype Edition will be given out during this event as well, and the prize support overall will be more generous. Not to mention I will be running these events personally with some help from my Game Masters, and at the request of the players I might even join the battle!

Event ID’s

Intro Events

NMN1230313, NMN1230505, NMN1230506, NMN1230507, NMN1230508, NMN1230509, NMN1230510, NMN1230511, NMN1230512, NMN1230513.

Campaign Events

NMN1230515, NMN1230516, NMN1230517, NMN1230518


I will post a PDF of the quick-start rules page that will be handed-out at the intro events with a rule book and character creation errata, and closer to the convention I will post an updated version of the rule-book for anyone interested in playing in the campaign events.