Gen Con 2015 is coming up, and New World Gaming will be there running 3 events for Collision. We dialed it back this year, going with fewer, shorter events than previous years. So what is different this year?

I’m going to be showing off phase 4 of the character creation rules. This supplement will add over a dozen new skills, some new equipment options, and an several new tiers for each class. Some of this content will be released prior to Gen Con, but the bulk of it will not see the public eye until the Character Creation book is fully formatted and sent to the kickstarter backers. At that point, a version of the final character creation rules will be posted on the site.

Here are the Game IDs for the Collision Gen Con events




So what is next for Collision?

Once the content for the Character Creation book is all complete, testing for the campaign rules will begin while Character Creation is being formatted. I already have loose rules for a few campaign systems ready to test, it is more of an issue of lining up the right group and circumstances to test them. When that time comes, some of those campaign rules sets will make it here in the same way that Character Creation rules were posted before the book was ready for publishing. Keep your eyes peeled, those campaign rules will land sooner than you think!