It sure has been a while!

Here is the first taste of Phase 4 of the character creation system. You’ll notice that some new abilities have been added, some existing ones have been tweaked and renamed, and some changes have been made to avoid confusion.

Oh and this includes the Experimental rules for Dungeon Battles, which is a game mode that will be included in the Character Creation final release. Dungeon Battles were originally slated to be a part of the Campaign Battles rule supplement, however the campaign system will need more time to develop before I have a version of it floating around.

This new game mode is being revealed at the same time as the recommended change from 1.5″ (38mm) square to 2″ (50mm) squares. None of the actual distances or ranges are changing, but bigger squares is going to make everything feel bigger and more epic. This change will also be more accessible in terms of finding terrain and tiles to use for your battles.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, this experimental rules set is going to get some frequent changes in the coming months as Dungeon Battles is tested further. Not to mention we are working some of the kinks out of the Paige, Knight, Queen, and King of each tarot.

Without further ado, the PDF!